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Airport Taxi was established in 1991 under the name of S.S 115 Antalya Havalimanı Taksi Motorlu TaŞıyıcılar Kooperatifi (S.S No. 115 Airplane Taxi Motor Transporters Cooperative). It has been rendering taxi services in Domestic Terminal, International Terminal (International 1, International 2), and arrival and departure lines of cargo terminals of Antalya Airport on a contractual basis with D.H.M.İ (General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey) up until today since the date stated above.

Antalya Airport Taxi is rendering its services with 250 vehicles and 250 experiences drivers today. Airport Taxi personnel is composed of persons that wear uniforms, carry ID cards, that are certificated, cultured and chosen and that do not have any criminal records and that know foreign languages.
Our organization, which carries out its activities in Tourism Transportation services sector, has always aimed at sustaining this awareness in the personnel by organizing training seminars within service in accordance with the necessities and rules of this transportation sector. 
Our cooperative aims at contributing to tourism by organizing foreign language courses. Our discipline board that evaluates any complaint meticulously maintains its duties in order to sustain discipline, order and system.
There are dining hall, cafeteria, barbershop and a mosque in our cooperative headquarters in order to meet the necessities of our personnel. Wireless center has been activated in order to direct the queues of our vehicles. There is wireless telecommunication line in all of our vehicles. Moreover there is a training hall of 150 persons for seminary purposes in our club.
All vehicles are insured by Traffic insurance, automobile insurance and seat insurance for the passengers. All passengers shall be traveling with the assurance of insurance during their trips starting from the moment they start their journey. I thank you for your voyages that you shall make by trusting us and I wish you happy, healthy and comfortable voyages.